andy ross

The Gripes of Andy Ross

Wednesday 12-2pm GMT


With Dave Balfe ran Food Records from 1985, discovered Voice Of The Beehive, signed a ground-breaking deal for an indie label with EMI in 1988.
Released 125 consecutive top 100 singles over 13 years
Discovered Jesus Jones. Blur. Bluetones. All had UK number one albums!
Plus…Dubstar, The Supernaturals, Strangelove, Shampoo, Diesel Park West, Idlewild.
Over lunch with Simon Williams and Steve Lamacq coined the term ‘Shoegazing’.
With Food adopting pub The Good Mixer as a the unofficial office annexe, inadvertently created the epicentre of Britpop.
Currently involved in band management and – most importantly – for just over a year Andy has been a regular presenter for Boogaloo Radio.
All Boogaloo Radio shows are broadcast live from the former bin shed, in the beer garden of the The Boogaloo Pub.

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