We opened our doors many moons ago to serve the outsiders, the gifted, the reckless, the glamorous, the beautiful and the misunderstood. Whoever you are there's a seat at the bar.

The Boogaloo Juke box has over the years been programmed by refined people such as Iggy PopDavid SoulKate MossShane MacGowanRonnie WoodSinead O’ConnorThe LibertinesThe Pogues., Howard Marks, Nick Cave & many more including dozens of our most trusted regulars every night, some more refined than others...

So with all this history and all this music we thought we should really share it with everyone, everywhere.

And seeing as we can only hold 100 folks in our humble bar, we got thinking and stumbled upon the idea to launch our own radio station and ask our friends and regulars to man the decks.

Just like we asked all our celebrated friends to programme our juke box all those years ago we are again asking them now to come and host a show, programme a show, give us a jingle , make the coffee, make us smile and together we will give you a radio experience that feels like you've got the best seat at the bar in the best pub in the world.