The Boogaloo Pub has been carving its place in London’s rock n’ roll history for years.

Historically, The Libertines began their career working in the pub, Shane MacGowan resided upstairs and regulars have included Nick Cave, Joe Strummer, The Streets, Sinead O’Connor, Primal Scream Ken Kesey, Howard Marks and countless others. There are many stories and myths surrounding the pub, and they are most likely all true.

After Jenn Crothers (the station director) was ‘let go’ from a few competitor stations, we decided to do it ourselves… and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now we have over 50 presenters made up of the most interesting and diverse selection of Boogaloo characters. When on air, they play by no rules and have total creative license with their show. We are proud of the original content we produce daily- there is nothing but passion being pumped into our beer garden studio, and onto your internet airwaves.

We’ve forgone hours of sleep to late nights, crafting, curating and creating our rock ‘n’ roll beer garden studio shack, to give you access to The Boogaloo state of mind.

What are you waiting for? Tune in and pop in, to the best local pub in the world. Become a regular and meet the strangers who are about to become your friends.



Our radio studio used to be the pub's bin shed. This little room is smack bang in the middle of our beer garden and has lived many lives, including becoming a shrine to Tony Scott's movie 'True Romance', as this is Boogaloo's resident, Shane Macgowan's favourite film. Now it is home to Boogaloo Radio. We invite you to hang out, grab a drink, listen to some tunes & chat to your favourite presenters.