Roxanne de Bastion

Roxanne de Bastion

The Monday Morning Shakeup

Mondays 10-12pm GMT

For fans of Lauren Laverne, Roxanne is your morning music calm even on the gloomiest of Mondays. And similar to Lauren Laverne, her brain is an encyclopaedic treasure trove of tunes you love, and tunes to fall in love with!

Bringing you the best of new and independent music, peppered with some classic feel good bangers to start your week. Expect to discover lots of new up and coming artists, interviews, live sessions and the occasional peak behind the smoke and mirrors of the music industry.

Roxanne de Bastion grew up in Berlin, obsessed with The Beatles and Alanis Morissette, and was soon determined to become a musician.

Alongside her music career, Roxanne de Bastion advocates for artists’ rights as a Board Director of the Featured Artist Coalition, as well as the PPL Performer Board. She also created FM2U (From Me To You), an annual community lead music conference specifically from and for artists.

Her favourite tipple? Before midday she likes a decent brew, or if it’s 5pm get this woman a Guinness!