Luke Haines

Righteous in the Afternoon

Tuesday 2-4pm GMT

Catch up with Luke Haines’ on Boogaloo Radio show, ‘Righteous in the Afternoon’.

Luke was the lead singer and songwriter in The Auteurs way back in the ’90s. He was also a founding member of art pop trio Black Box Recorder way back in the 2000s. He has appeared on Top Of The Pops and recently was an incorrect answer on BBC2’s ‘Only Connect.’ Currently, he is the UK’s leading concept-album-maker. He has also written a best selling book (and a not so best selling book.) In
his spare time he likes to do acrylic paintings of The Monkees, Lou Reed, and British wrestlers of the ’70s and ’80s…

His show on Boogaloo Radio varies from serious music-head type patter, to the quite ridiculous where Luke will simply sing all over the tracks, much to the amusement of his listeners.

It is the opposite of Steve Wright in the afternoon. In this reality ‘The
Afternoon Boys’ are wearing black hoods over their heads. Good Earl Brutus quote, brief tribute to Ken Dodd. Casual use of faders.

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