Sundays 2-4pm, GMT

Roll up! ROLL UP! GlassOnion is here and it's a wild idea!! Mitch and Stu clamber and reach over the weeks toil and thrum to bring Sundays back to life with their mix of 60s garage, raw rock n roll and soul. The boys pray weekly weirdness with their feature of "Strange but Stu".A double dose of stories and questions to bend the mind further and more often than not ensuing acidic arguments and belly laughter.

Mitch and Stu known for their tumultuous relationship over 15 years of fiery friendship and slugging away in their rock n roll band PennyRoyal will make you feel like you're at home during the best and worst pub lock in you've ever been to. Sit back, grab a stiff drink and let this pair of chaotic misfits take you not only on a musical endeavour, but sail you through your Sunday on the ship that weird built.

GlassOnion is the missing link between TFI Friday, Later with Jools and a brisk punch on the nose.