Founder/ Director

“I’ve got no background in audio, production or radio for that matter. What I am good at, is saying ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’, this coupled with my love for DJing and presenting was a good enough reason to start a radio station.”

Jennifer Crothers moved to London and went into advertising as a copywriter. She always had a passion for presenting and decided to give it a shot, on a few London-based radio stations. After a short successful stint, and noticing the excitment brewing around online radio/ streaming platforms, she deicded to set up her own station, inside The Boogaloo Pub’s former bin shed, using whatever mics and cable she could hustle from their supplies.

Some may know that the Boogaloo Pub is linked to music industry royalty, and using their little black book of regulars she- alongside landlord Gerry O’Boyle- invited everyone to host a show. Luckily, everyone wanted in.

Jennifer is also a well respected DJ across some of London’s most prestigeous venues, such at The Groucho Club, Mortimer House and female-led member’s bar, Allbright.

She regular hosts her own show on Boogaloo Radio, championing emerging artists and working with radio pluggers to exhibit undiscovered talent. She is passionate about giving a platform to artists from overseas in Europe such as Munich, Hungary, France.