erica and jamie

Straight Outta Highgate

Monday 10-12pm GMT

Erica Quartermain and Jamie Bullock are two mates — stay-at-home mum and dad —  living in Highgate who have a passion for music and a penchant for cheeky humor. 

Straight Outta Highgate is your Monday morning, derisive breakfast show, with a wide eclectic array of musical choices ranging from 60’s Motown, to comedy, to 80’s ballads, to brand new artists and everything in between. Erica and Jamie discuss all subjects in the best way possible with a shot of tequila and a recap of how badly behaved they were last week. 

 Erica is a mother of four, a London native, born and raised in Highgate, and has a deep personal understanding of the London rave scene, parenting, and balancing the two worlds. She also has completed her doula training and speaks volumes on the matter as well as Veganism, politics, music, and anything else that spontaneously flies out of her mouth.

 Jamie is a father of two, keyboardist, guitarist, singer, producer, and composer from Los Angeles who has just recently relocated to London and the Highgate community. He has played with many artists including members of Sublime, No Doubt, cuban jazz legend Arturo Sandoval, Zen Robbi, International Farmers, Jelly of the Month Club, and countless others.

Erica and Jamie love to spin all genres of music and poke fun at all matters in between. Tune in on Mondays at 10am and join the fun. 

All Boogaloo Radio shows are broadcast live from the former bin shed, in the beer garden of the The Boogaloo Pub.

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