Video Blue


‘Dusk Moves’ is your Thursday night show by self-styled Jim O’Donoghue Martin. 

Each show follows a theme, where Jim is usually joined by guests to discuss the effects of, as well as the process of making of great music.

Great conversation, tangents into pop cultural history and live in-studio performance is at the heart of an unpredictable & always entertaining 2 hours!

Among many guests, Jim has had Suggs from Madness, Dónal Gallagher, Jinx Lennon, William Doyle (formerly East India Youth) and has interviewed producers Chris Hayden, and Boogaloo’s own John Leckie, Mike Chapman and Bernard Butler. 

Jim is also known as Video Blue, a Hackney-based alt-pop, sometime Ambient & Spoken-word act originally from Dundalk, Ireland.

Usually can be found in The Boogaloo bar directly after his show.