Join The World’s Virtual Pub Quiz

Join The World’s Virtual Pub Quiz

Join The World’s Virtual Pub Quiz

Sunday Fundays are but a distant memory… a bloody Mary to kick things off followed by a roast dinner at your favourite local, finally cramming around a table with your music-nerd-pals to take part in a pub quiz.

We feel you – The Boogaloo Pub was a weekend shrine for the hungover and the hungry and our pub quiz was categorically legendary.

Luckily, with technology on our side we are able to bring you a slice of your usual Sunday shenanigans with our ‘Quizness As Usual’ music quiz, live on Boogaloo Radio every week 8-10 pm GMT.

You can win prizes too. We are awarding the winners each week with a meal and a drink on the house at The Boogaloo Pub, when it re-opens. If you’ve tried the chicken wings you know that we’re not messing about here.

To get involved, use this sign up for below. Tell us your team name and where you’re playing from and we’ll shout you out this week!

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Egyptian Elbows Joins Boogaloo Radio

Egyptian Elbows Joins Boogaloo Radio

Egyptian Elbows Joins Boogaloo Radio


Egyptian Elbows is a new music promotion company ran by Max and Rob. They are buddies with Karl Johnson of the Hard of Hearing show, which promotes a similar style of music.

What Can You Expect?

All new music, pan-genre. A chance to get your teeth stuck into something new. You probably won’t hear this stuff on commercial radio. Loyle Carner, Dirty Dike, The Beta Band, PVA etc.


Tuesdays 8-10pm gmt. 



Interview: GHUM

Interview: GHUM

Photo credit: Poppy Marriot

Post-punk band GHUM chat to Karl on the Hard of Hearing show on Boogaloo Radio about their big plans for 2020.


With their raw, powerful vocals, grungy guitars, racing bass lines and calculative drums, GHUM are making quite a name for themselves as the ghostly punk band we can’t ignore.


After forming via Gumtree in 2016, the four-piece (front-woman Laura, bassist Marina, guitarist Jojo and drummer Vicki) released their first EP GHUM in 2017. In 2019, the band followed that up with their second EP The Coldest Fire on Everything Sucks Music.


The four-piece’s electric performances and anguished lyrics soon caught people’s attention. First came the BBC Introducing session, and then breakthrough single Saturn was played on BBC Radio 6 Music.


There’s no slowing down for the band in 2020 though. Their follow-up California – a beautiful savage track about a doomed love story – was debuted by Steve Lamacq and then named by Fader as one of the ’20 best rock songs right now.’ 


As well as a recent London headliner at Elektrowerkz and a set at the 6 Music Festival, the band are geared up for a packed summer of shows, including Are You Listening Festival in Reading, Live at Leeds Festival and Bilbao BBK Live in July.


GHUM sat down with Karl from the Hard of Hearing show on Boogaloo Radio to chat about their fave bands (can you guess who they’re talking about when they say the ‘nicest guys?), the music they love, and what on earth Monkey Live festival is all about…


Listen to the full interview with GHUM on Boogaloo Radio below, with tracks from Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, Human Pet, PJ Harvey, Soft Kill and Dinosaur Jr. 


Interview: GURU

Interview: GURU

Brighton four-piece GURU stopped by the Boogaloo Radio studio to chat all things new music with Karl on the Hard of Hearing show.


Known for their intense live sets, GURU have been hitting the London and Brighton circuit with force over the last couple of years, with their raucous reputation helping them pack out headline gigs and secure support slots for the likes of Lady Bird and Slaves. 


The quartet – made up of vocalist Tommy, guitarist Kieran, bassist Ferg and drummer Olly – released their debut single Consumer Helpline in 2018; an electrifying and brutalist track which cemented their place as a band to watch last year. Since then, they’ve added a couple of more songs to the hit list. There’s Suntrap and Fixation and, more recently, their new double A-side Don’t Talk / LTD. It’s a charged set of tracks with hard-hitting lyrics and blistering punk vibes.


Having kicked off the year with a banger of a show at Blondies in London with support from Bristol-based bands Football FC and Sapphire Blues, and a sold out February headline gig in Brighton with Mice Ön Mars and Scowl, GURU are already making their mark on 2020. 


The guys caught up with Karl from Hard of Hearing on Boogaloo Radio to talk about new music, why they’re doing things on their terms and what Macaulay Culkin has got to do with it all…


Listen to the full interview with GURU on Boogaloo Radio below, with tracks from Talk Show, Italia 90, Margot, Slowthai, Sinead O’Brien and Legss.


Weekly Playlist: 22/02/20

Weekly Playlist: 22/02/20

Weekly Playlist: 22/02/20

Check out this week’s roundup playlist, made up of tracks chosen by the Boogaloo Radio presenters and producers. Scroll down to see who chose what… 

Antonella Gambotta Burke: Nena Cherry- Buffalo Stance

Dublin Calling:  Róisín Murphy- Narcissus

Hard of Hearing: Bleach Lab- Burnt Orange

Bad Behaviour: The Cool Greenhouses- Crap Art

Dusk Moves: The Big Moon- Your Light

Lewis and Lomax: Working Men’s Club – White Rooms and People

Luke Haines: Sham 69- Hurry Up Harry

Dancing With The Fridge: The O’Jays- Love Train

Oscar: DJ Koze- Pick Up

Ann Scanlon: Can’t Help Falling In Love- Lick The Tins

David Morrissey: Marlon Williams- What’s Chasing You

Never Heard of Ya: Skinned Teen – Ex-Boyfriend Beat 

Andy Crofts: Babe Rainbow- Many Moons of Love

John Leckie: Bo Diddley – Please Mr Engineer

Mickey Beans: Shangri-La” – by The Goddams feat Jimothy Lacoste

The Irish Jam: Yenkee- Lucy

Peggy’s Daylight Rockery: DAMEFRISØR- And You Know

Hamill Time: Andy Weatherall- Loaded

Wanderland:  Ladies for Babies (Goats for Love) ~ Nadine Shah

Ascension: Melodiesinfonie- Seeking You

Straight Outta Highgate: Lyrics Born – When I Get My Check

Two P’s Podcast: Cate Le Bon – Are you with me now

New Sound: Egyptian Blue- Never

Henry Shaw: Brian Fallon- 21 Days

Issy (Producer): One Video- Past Tense

Mia (Producer): Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard- John Lennon is my Jesus Christ

Anna Meredith at EartH, Hackney

Anna Meredith at EartH, Hackney

Anna Meredith at EartH, Hackney

Wednesday night saw sweat filled black box EartH Hackney rammed full as people came to hear Anna Meredith create her unique and fully charged compositions.
If you’re not familiar with Meredith’s work it’s a maelstrom of modern classical mixed with driving, pulsing yet sometimes delicate and twinkly electronica. If you think this sounds pretty unique that’s because it does, listening to her most recent album, FIBS, it has an otherworldly feeling to it which sounds like it might just be the composer twiddling knobs and dials for 90 mins in a live setting but no, (she has a tuba player on stage as well as a Cellist) far from it. As daft as this sounds it was surprising and delightful to realise that we were going to see a live band play these hulking great beat beasts (did I mention the tuba?). This provides a pretty full on night’s work for Meredith herself who helms the keyboards, vocals, drum parts and clarinet as well as giving good chat with the crowd. She comes across as the kind of person that would help you move house but would then unpack your boxes and turn them all into brand new musical instruments. Exciting.
Her joy and pleasure of being there extends to the other band members who all look and play with great engagement throughout, not least Sam Wilson on drums who has to be on his A game all night. Despite the thumping electro this is not 4 to the floor hands in the air time, the compositions offer up challenging rhythms and great disparities sound, most noticeably the big, high pitched slashes of keyboard and guitar (Jack Ross) playing off against the deep bass sounds of the cello (Maddie Cutter) and tuba (Tom Kelly on tuba). There’s a swing between the heavier, more furious tracks and more delicate chamber style pieces that help keep shifting the mood all evening. For my money the night really excels when bringing out larger pieces, tracks like Bump and Sawbones that feature thunderous builds dropping away to nothing or suddenly revealing a more fragile and intriguing moment, it all sounds wonderful played out in front of you.
The end of the night offers up even more surprises, after finishing the set with the the careening, rollercoasting, thunderdome of a track, Paramour, we get a medley encore of Daniel Beddingfield, ABBA, Carly Rae Jepsen, O-Zone and The Crystal Maze. It’s barmy but somehow fits the rest of night. Experimental electro that’s accessible, fun and exhilarating.
Interview: Talk Show

Interview: Talk Show

Back in October, Peckham-based new wave newcomers Talk Show appeared on the Hard of Hearing show on Boogaloo Radio to chat with Karl all about their explosive year. 


With their energetic live shows packing out venues across London, their post-punk belters like sharp debut track Fast & Loud being released on Felix White of the Maccabees’ Yala! Records and DIY Mag naming them one of their Class of 2020 – it’s fair to say Talk Show really set tongues wagging in 2019.


But don’t let the undeniable growing noise surrounding their name make you think this fourpiece – frontman Harrison Swann, bassist George Sullivan, drummer Chloe MacGregor and guitarist Tom Holmes – have burst onto the scene without a shitload of hard work and graft.


They might have met and formed at Goldsmiths by “randomly being in the right conversations at the right time”, according to Harrison, but the building buzz around them this year definitely wasn’t an accident. Since those early house parties, they’ve become best mates and that kind of thing “seeps into everything we do, whether it’s performing or writing”, says Harrison. 


The fact they’re like family, along with their knuckle-down-and-get-on-with-it attitude has been the driving force behind the band’s good year. But Harrison says it was never about blowing up quickly online, “We knew it was gonna take a while, and we wanted to spend time working on the music that we make and gigging as much as possible.”


George and Harrison sat down with Karl from the Hard of Hearing show on Boogaloo Radio to talk about Karl’s record in discussion – Deceiver by Americans DIVV. Plus, what song they ALWAYS start a set with, what makes them send a load of screen shots to each other, oh and why Harrison won’t ever drink a shandy.


Listen to the full interview with Talk Show on Boogaloo Radio below with tracks from Talk Show, Fake Turins, Eyesore & The Jinx, Dry Cleaning, Bdrmm, Drug Store Romeos and more.


10 Reasons Why Boogaloo Radio is Better Than Any Other Radio Station

10 Reasons Why Boogaloo Radio is Better Than Any Other Radio Station

Read on to find out our list of why we think we’re the greatest radio station around. If you’ve got any of your own to add, let us know!

1. It’s in a pub. We could just finish this list here, but…

2. … not just any pub! The Boogaloo in Highgate is legendary and has become one of the most well known and respected pubs in the UK. Their history with creative types such as writers, poets and artists goes back years. It is the watering hole of choice for many established musicians. One time, Suggs from Madness was having a few pints here and actually ended up co-hosting an entire radio show, much to the bemusement of the actual presenter, Jim O’Donoghue Martin.


Romeo Stodart and Ren Harvieu    

3. The presenters are the backbone of the music industry. John Leckie (Saturdays 4-6m) produced both Radiohead and Muse, plus John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Brix Smith Start (Wednesdays 12-2pm) was lead guitarist in The Fall, Ted Carroll (Mondays 12-2pm) managed Thin Lizzy, Alan McGee (Mondays 6-8pm) signed Oasis, Primal Scream and Jesus Mary Chain, Mike Smith (Tuesdays 7-9pm) signed PJ HarveyElasticaSupergrass… it’d be fair to say this lot know a thing or two about music.


Bill Lunn and Rowena Alice


4. Everyone has creative freedom to play and say whatever they want. Seriously, you should check out Luke Haines’ show (Tuesdays 2-4pm) if you don’t believe us. Ever get a craving for a 12 minute German Metal instrumentals? Want to hear a grown man play the Kazoo live, over the top of every track? We got you.

5. You can drink on air. Not that any of us would ever dream of being drunk on air. That would be… unprofessional.


Andy Bell (Ride)


6. We don’t play adverts! Of course we give kudos where kudos is due e.g. our audio partners Meze Headphones and Rode Audio but asides from that you can enjoy 24/7 streaming ad-free.

7. Our biggest fans are from several different continents. Story time; opposite The Boogaloo is a flower shop called, ‘Highgate Flowers’. One Friday, after a fantastic episode of BB & The King (Bernard Butler and Mark Kingston) the panicked shop owner came rushing over with a gorgeous bouquet. Apparently, ‘someone’ in South Korea had rung them and ordered some to be made and brought over. That is dedication. We’ve also had gift packages from Canada and Australia.

Portia Freeman, Pete Denton and Johnny Lloyd


8. The radio industry has been infamously male-led. We’re proud to boast a roster full of incredibly talented women. From Rowena Alice (Weds 2-4pm) who champions women in rock and indie, to Princess Ziah (Sat 8-10pm) who plays a blend of Reggaeton, Dancehall, Soul and R’n’B.

9. Our presenters are not strictly, ‘presenters’- which is a good thing! We don’t know about you, but sometimes commercial radio can feel a bit… bleh. Scripted and vanilla. Here you’re only going to get real opinions, real conversations (swearing is allowed) and real mistakes. It’s part of what we do.

10. We archive everything. Go to our ‘Shows’ page here, or visit our Mixcloud page here. Alternatively, download our app and click on the picture of your favourite presenters to see a list of all previous shows. 

Medium vs. Music: Cherry Red Records Joins Boogaloo Radio

Medium vs. Music: Cherry Red Records Joins Boogaloo Radio

Medium vs. Music: Cherry Red Records Joins Boogaloo Radio

‘We’ve been not so much ‘specific’ but what we feel is important as a music release…’

Cherry Red is a record label founded way back in 1978 by a man called Iain McNay. Fast forward to Nov 2019 and they’re joining ranks with us, by bringing you an official ‘Cherry Red Records’ show every Sunday 8-10pm hosted by Iain himself. 

Now, we would have had some of you at ‘McNay’, but for those not familiar with this iconic label, read on and get to know your new favourite show on Boogaloo…

‘My fear is anyone that’s too balanced as a character, probably isn’t going to be a very creative musician…’

For the past 40 years they’ve combined a ‘formidable past’ with an innovative backbone to remain consistently as one of the most respected record labels in the world, and so we are only too delighted to welcome them into our gang (or, ‘The Boogaloo Massive’- a phrase coined by Alan McGee).

From Jack Bruce (Cream), Todd Rundgren and Suzi Quatro to Dead Kennedys, Hawkwind, Inspiral Carpets, Felt and The Fall, Cherry Red’s artists come from every corner of the industry and you can start to see why Boogaloo Radio and Cherry Red go hand in hand. Lawrence of Felt has guested a few times on our station and Brix Smith Start herself hosts a live show Wednesdays 12-2pm.

So, depending where on Planet Earth you are, this broadcast will come to you Sundays 10-12pm GMT. You can do this via clicking ‘listen live’ on, download our (brand new) app for free (both iOS & Android) OR come to the Boogaloo Pub in London (you get to listen approx. 2 seconds earlier than the rest of ‘The Boogaloo Massive’).