Wednedays 4-6pm GMT

“Beans on Boogaloo” is hosted by Mickey Beans – a local girl who happens to be a classically trained musician whilst being equally unclassical in demeanour. Mickey has toured world as the keyboardist for the band La Roux for the last ten years; a composer of documentaries and also a solo artist. Her live solo performances are few and far between, but are not quite like the usual singer/piano player. Perhaps because its down to her most likely not actually finishing a song as she likes to stop for a rest and chat. She’s sort of an accidental modern day music hall performer. Beans On Boogaloo is show which evolves with happenstance; Mickey plays music of all different flavours which is encouraged by the guests she invites onto the show. These are her friends who you may and may not know and who all have interesting things to say, and great music to share.

You can hear her (and stream her) on every Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm