Medium vs. Music: Cherry Red Records Joins Boogaloo Radio

Medium vs. Music: Cherry Red Records Joins Boogaloo Radio

Medium vs. Music: Cherry Red Records Joins Boogaloo Radio

‘We’ve been not so much ‘specific’ but what we feel is important as a music release…’

Cherry Red is a record label founded way back in 1978 by a man called Iain McNay. Fast forward to Nov 2019 and they’re joining ranks with us, by bringing you an official ‘Cherry Red Records’ show every Sunday 8-10pm hosted by Iain himself. 

Now, we would have had some of you at ‘McNay’, but for those not familiar with this iconic label, read on and get to know your new favourite show on Boogaloo…

‘My fear is anyone that’s too balanced as a character, probably isn’t going to be a very creative musician…’

For the past 40 years they’ve combined a ‘formidable past’ with an innovative backbone to remain consistently as one of the most respected record labels in the world, and so we are only too delighted to welcome them into our gang (or, ‘The Boogaloo Massive’- a phrase coined by Alan McGee).

From Jack Bruce (Cream), Todd Rundgren and Suzi Quatro to Dead Kennedys, Hawkwind, Inspiral Carpets, Felt and The Fall, Cherry Red’s artists come from every corner of the industry and you can start to see why Boogaloo Radio and Cherry Red go hand in hand. Lawrence of Felt has guested a few times on our station and Brix Smith Start herself hosts a live show Wednesdays 12-2pm.

So, depending where on Planet Earth you are, this broadcast will come to you Sundays 10-12pm GMT. You can do this via clicking ‘listen live’ on, download our (brand new) app for free (both iOS & Android) OR come to the Boogaloo Pub in London (you get to listen approx. 2 seconds earlier than the rest of ‘The Boogaloo Massive’). 




What is ‘Mixcloud Select’ and why you should subscribe to a fair(er) music distribution model.

‘Mixcloud Select’ is a new service created by the online streaming service, Mixcloud. We use it basically every single day here, as it allows us to upload all our shows for those of you who can’t listen live, or simply want to listen again! The only downside, until now, has been not being able to listen to Mixcloud offline, like you can with traditional podcasts such as iTunes and Spotify (premium). This is great especially for when you’re commuting around town, and wanna zen out with some sweet Boogaloo Radio shows.

I set our monthly price at £3.99. A teeny bit of that goes to us, a teeny bit goes to Mixcloud and a teeny bit (this is the cool part) goes directly to the artist. ‘How does that work then?’ I can hear you think. Unfortunately, this is where my knowledge ends and my trust begins- I met one of the Mixcloud team once and he had a kind face so I reckon they’re trustworthy guys.

This isn’t something we’ve utilised yet, but subscribers also gain access to exclusive content. I will do a future post when we get around to this- I know a few presenters have bandied ideas about ‘on the road’ type podcasts. Hey, in fact if you’ve got an idea you think we should create, feel free to wang it over via email.

Other benefits include access to upfront track listings. This means you can see which tracks are on the show before you listen. Being very honest, I’m not sure how exciting this part of the deal is- the fact that Bernard Butler might go off piste and play Beyonce once in a blue moon probably isn’t going to make or break you as a potential subscriber. But hey, it’s there if you want it. 

Interestingly, consumers shopping habits are changing and we are becoming smarter about how we spend money. As we all know the state of the industry re musicians being paid properly is fairly shambolic, so you’re fighting the good fight by investing in a better structured eco-system.

It’s really exciting for us, as the people invited to be part of this new wave of creators have to be delivering the highest quality content, on a regular basis too. I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet, but erm toot-friggin-toot. Not bad going for an old bin shed in a beer garden.

To summarise; the main benefit is the offline capabilities, closely followed by the warm fuzzy feeling of being part of a business model which is attempting a fair distribution model.

Interested in subscribing? Cool- here’s all the link you’ll need:

Please let us know at how you get on, if you enjoy your subscription and why you have chosen us as your streaming channel of choice.


Till’ the next one,