Jenn Crothers


Meet station director and founder of Boogaloo Radio, Jenn Crothers. She started out in London working as a creative in advertising, after which she moved to radio, hosting her own shows on Soho Radio. This, alongside her passion for DJing led her to running her own radio station in a bin shed.

Keep up to date with all her DJ gigs and general musings on Instagram: @JennCrothers


Some know Gerry as landlord of legendary Filthy McNasty's in Islington. Since then, Gerry is now landlord of the even more infamous Boogaloo, home to the reckless, the rockers and the misunderstood, where many stories start and finish. After teaming up with Jenn, they decided the create the world's first Global Local, sharing his little black book of past Boogaloo characters, and their stories with the world by allowing them to take over the decks in the Boogaloo Pub's bin shed. 

Gerry O'Boyle