“…it’s a million stories told in the half light, nights rolling into someone else’s days.”

– Gerry O’Boyle, landlord of The Boogaloo Pub.

In 1993, Gerry O’Boyle opened up a pub called Filthy MacNasty’s. Reading this, you might already feel like you’re on familiar ground- but for our new friends, Filthy’s was a hive of creative activity. , 

Shane MacGowan lived upstairs, Johnny Depp served a few pints of Guinness to the punters and in the hay-day, it become the unofficial NME office, where secret meetings took place to decide the fate of the music industry.

Filthy’s eventually came to an end, like all great things do, so Gerry opened up The Boogaloo Pub in Highgate. There aren’t many Londoners left who haven’t their own tale or two about this sacred place, but if you’re new here let us give you a short history lesson…

The Boogaloo opened its doors in 2002, and like Filthy’s, it quickly garnered a reputation as being the hub of the music scene. Chris Martin, Kate Nash, Chrissie Hynde, Wolf Alice, Suggs, Pete Doherty and many more names found themselves performing impromptu gigs here, much to the surprise and enjoyment of the regulars.

Speaking of which, the bar became a favourite for the likes of Irvine Welsh, Liam Gallagher, Howard Marks and a host more.

“Being a servant to rock n roll, you keep late hours with colourful company and it can educate and shape a person’s view of the world… it can certainly shape a person’s view of music and for that matter, radio.”

Let’s fast forward. It’s 2017 and Jenn Crothers, friend of The Boogaloo, was working for some online radio stations. She pitched the idea of The Boogaloo having their own radio shack- it sounded like a ridiculous idea, but they took a chance and cleared out the old shed in the garden, begged and borrowed some radio equipment and called up the little black book of regulars to man the desk. Luckily for them, everyone wanted to spin some tunes.

Check out the current roster here.2018 saw the launch of Boogaloo Radio and is now considered as, ‘one of the best online radio stations’ (The Times, 2019). Hollywood actors, welders, producers, label bosses, chefs, authors, students, bands and plumbers all host weekly spots, the one thing tying them together being an unapologetic love for music, and of course, The Boogaloo.


“Oh my God here we go again…”