Join The World’s Virtual Pub Quiz

Sunday Fundays are but a distant memory… a bloody Mary to kick things off followed by a roast dinner at your favourite local, finally cramming around a table with your music-nerd-pals to take part in a pub quiz.

We feel you – The Boogaloo Pub was a weekend shrine for the hungover and the hungry and our pub quiz was categorically legendary.

Luckily, with technology on our side we are able to bring you a slice of your usual Sunday shenanigans with our ‘Quizness As Usual’ music quiz, live on Boogaloo Radio every week 8-10 pm GMT.

You can win prizes too. We are awarding the winners each week with a meal and a drink on the house at The Boogaloo Pub, when it re-opens. If you’ve tried the chicken wings you know that we’re not messing about here.

To get involved, use this sign up for below. Tell us your team name and where you’re playing from and we’ll shout you out this week!

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