...Cookie spins vinyl for breakfast for your listening pleasure at your listening leisure.

Sister Cookie


Sister Cookie has been obsessed with music ever since she knew what it was. As a child, she would

constantly explore her parents’ record collection and discovered musical talent early on, teaching

herself to play the piano and singing to anyone within earshot, whether they wanted to listen to or

not. She spent her teens discovering various genres and styles to become preoccupied with, until

she stumbled upon jazz and the blues. Around this time, Cookie began performing live for the first

time, and crucially, she began hoarding old records. More than a decade on, it's grown (and

continues to grow) into quite an assortment, too – covering the waterfront from rock n roll to gospel

and a lot of other stuff that isn't as easy to categorise. As well as taking her band all across Europe,

she now presents her own show A Woman's Place Is In The Groove on Boogaloo Radio, spinning her

favourite 45s.